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Flank Steak our original beef jerky is the perfect balance of protein and spices according to our ambassadors


Verified Purchase


 "I'm not a big fan of jerky but this is the exception.  It's a breakthrough product in a highly competitive market.  It tastes great!" 

Hiking Accolades


 "Hands down the most flavorful beef jerky.  I recently purchased a case and shared it on a hiking trip, it was like having a steak on the go!" 

Environmentally Conscious


 "Besides the biodegradable bag, the best jerky available period.  My 10 year old son agrees.  A combination of the perfect spice and delicious." 

About Us

Decades ago when our founder began traveling to the nations top barbecue destinations.  His research and development lead to adaptations of each region's culture, traditional styles and techniques.  The end result was an All-Star approach to Rubicon's line of products and services.


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